CREDO version 11.2009 released!

Structural Interaction Fingerprint (SIFt) for GleevecA new version of the CREDO database has been released including 40,091 PDB structures. New features include:

  • Ring interaction geometries have been implemented according to Chakrabarti, P. & Bhattacharyya, R. Geometry of nonbonded interactions involving planar groups in proteins. Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology 95, 83-137 (2007).
  • New RECAP rules have been introduced to better fragment biomolecules, e.g. breaking of phosphate bonds and cleavage of sulphates.
  • New flags for residues have been introduced to label mutated and modified amino acids (through sequence-to-structure mapping)
  • SCOP version 1.75
  • Structural interaction fingerprints are now available on a UniProt residue level and SIFt clusters part of the public version.
  • Donor-Pi, Cation-Pi as well as Carbon-Pi atom-ring interactions are now available in dedicated tables (from which the Contacts table can be updated).
  • SCOP- and UniProt-based SIFt clustering

For instructions on how to download and install the CREDO database, please go to the CREDO website.